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"Plus One"  review and an awesome interview with Jazz Author Debbie Burke. June 2018.


"Plus One" review by Keaton Lamle in Modern Drummer. May 2018 issue.

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"Plus One" review in Jazz Japan. May 2018 issue.

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"Plus One" review by delarue at New York Music Daily. May 18, 2018.


"Plus One" review by Woolf at Concerto Magazine Austria Issue 2-2018  

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"Plus One" review by Colin Story at TheWholeNote Magazine. April 24, 2018.

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"Plus One" review by Jerome Wilson at All About Jazz. April 24, 2018.

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"Plus One" review by Bob Nicosia at Music Man Blog. April 10, 2018.


"Plus One" review by Donald Elfman at New York City Jazz Record. April 2018 Issue # 192


"Plus One" review by George W. Harris at Jazz Weekly. April 6, 2018

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"Plus One" review by Barry Davis at the Jerusalem Post. March 28, 2018 

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"Plus One" review by Dee Dee McNeil on Musicalmemoirs. March 4, 2018 


Feature article in Tzomet Hasharon (Israel) by Daiana Randelman. March 2, 2018

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"Plus One" review by C. Michael Bailey at All About Jazz. February 23, 2018

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"Brooklyn Blues" featured track of the day gets 4 stars by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton on All About Jazz. February 22, 2018


"Plus One" review by Dave Brownlow at Bebop Spoken Here. February 10, 2018

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"Plus One" review by Phontas Troussas at Diskoryxeion (Greece). February 9, 2018


"Plus One" review by Pierre Giroux at Audiophile Audition. January 25, 2018


"Plus One" review by Chris Spector at Midwest Records. January 23, 2018 

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"Plus One" review by Dick Metcalf, aka Rotcod Zzaj at Improvijazzation Nation. Issue #168 Reviews


Featured Artist article at America-Isreal Culture Foundation. April 21, 2017